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  •  19 Dec 2007 11:26

Release Notes: Among many other subtle fixes and enhancements, a new option to start the program minimized to the system tray is now available. Minor corrections to the output peak meter scale, achieving a bit more of precision. Tool/child window positioning and size preservation was fixed. Orphaned MIDI device names are no longer incorrect when switching between MIDI drivers on engine setup. Messages line limit was not being checked; it is now honored. Main panel spin-boxes are accelerated when stressed.

  •  16 Jul 2007 11:22

Release Notes: A system tray icon option is now available on most platforms, notably on Windows and Mac OS X. Combo-box setup history preservation has been corrected. The Soundfont context menu is now accessible again when the setup list is empty. The project link on the About form is now externally browsable.

  •  14 Apr 2007 12:54

Release Notes: The main panel window now keeps its previous iconic state on the system tray. Minor optimization was done on the peak level meters update rate. Messages and channel window captions can now be set smaller as tool-widgets. The ALSA sequencer client identifier is now disabled depending on the MIDI input option setting. The engine name gets through the respective tab title when created. The enabling of the engine delete button on the main window was fixed. The deprecated copyright attribute was changed to license. Configure support for x86_64 libraries was added.

  •  29 Feb 2004 20:39

Release Notes: Message window line limit is now a configurable option on setup. The ALSA sequencer client name may now be internally set. JACK multiple output port mode may now be also configured on setup.

  •  21 Jan 2004 15:52

Release Notes: Message colors have been retouched and a quiet context menu memory leak has been fixed.

  •  12 Dec 2003 06:41

Release Notes: This release adds tiny fixes to the timer and engine restarting code path. A MIDI file drag-and-drop feature has been added.

  •  26 Nov 2003 16:05

Release Notes: Front-panel settings for gain, reverb, and chorus are now scaled and properly clipped, attempting to avoid unstable sound feedback behaviour (namely on reverb). The MIDI In status LED stickyness has been fixed. The Soundfont open dialog now uses an uppercase filename filter too (*.SF2). Debug option support has been added.


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