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Qore PostgreSQL Module

Qore PostgreSQL Module is a DBI driver module for the Qore programming language to communicate with PostgreSQL databases. The PostgreSQL driver transparently handles client and server character encodings, supports multi-threading, transaction management, stored procedure execution, and more.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Oct 2013 09:55

    Release Notes: This release adds support for UNKNOWNOID, allowing the direct retrieval of string constants in SQL queries. The module is now released under an MIT source license as well as the LGPL 2.1.

    •  03 Aug 2013 17:48

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which occurred when the driver was used with the SQLStatement class and bind arguments were not bound on subsequent calls to SQLStatement::exec() or SQLStatement::execArgs().

      •  27 Feb 2013 10:04

        Release Notes: This release implements auto-reconnect if the connection to the server is lost. An exception is thrown if a transaction was in progress; otherwise, the reconnection is made transparently. A crashing bug was fixed by serializing Qore's new number type to PostgreSQL's binary decimal representation when binding number values by value.

        •  28 Oct 2012 18:57

          Release Notes: This release adds major new features when built against Qore 0.8.6+, including support for the prepared statement API (the SQLStatement class) and the new DBI option API, support for the new arbitrary-numeric data type added in Qore 0.8.6, and the ability to set server-side timezone rules in the client to ensure proper date/time support when communicating with a DB server in a different timezone.

          •  16 Dec 2011 20:57

            Release Notes: The module was updated to compile with only client header files; previously, server headers were needed as well. Furthermore, the module was updated to build for Windows and some build fixes were made for newer Linux distributions.


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