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  •  30 Nov 2006 09:22

Release Notes: Some cleanups to the API were made: class names (including their namespace prefix) were made more user-friendly, e.g. by removing redundant parts, e.g. qx.dom.DomLocation was renamed to qx.dom.Location. Obsolete constants were removed. Several classes were modified to benefit from the new string optimizing feature. Much improved key event handling was introduced. The new handling provides a common subset for key events across all supported browsers.

  •  22 Nov 2006 08:26

Release Notes: qooxdoo now includes extensive support for WebKit. Many bugs were fixed, and only minor changes were made in functionality or the API. Migration scripts are available. The combo box was enhanced with a multicolumn popup list. Knobs were added on the SplitPane divider. IframeManager supports drag and drop actions. Migration scripts are now based on JavaScript parse tree. Events are now included in API documentation.

  •  20 Sep 2006 14:29

Release Notes: Support for close buttons inside the class TabButton was added. Preliminary Safari support has been considerably improved. The rendering of TreeFullControl was greatly enhanced, especially for hidden root nodes. The new class IframeManager was added to support blocking of external content during drag&drop action. Support for Basic HTTP Authentication was added. A RingBufferAppender was added (writes all messages to a memory container and can be accessed later). Many other changes and code improvements were made.

  •  07 Sep 2006 11:18

Release Notes: This release adds a new splitpane widget, a FireBug log appender, and a RemoteTableModel for the table widget. The new tree compiler replaces the old one to generate optimized JavaScript code. Many other enhancements and fixes were made.

  •  19 Aug 2006 00:27

Release Notes: This release introduced namespaces, a feature-rich Table (virtual list view), and support for RPC including sample backends (Java, PHP). Migration between releases is now supported. A new API generator and qooxdoo-based viewer were implemented. Building and deployment were improved with support for custom builds.

  •  12 Jul 2006 10:42

Release Notes: The update feature in QxColorObject was fixed along with many dependency entries for build-system. Some typos regarding disappear events were fixed. Syncronization of HTML attributes was fixed. A blank image default source in QxImage was corrected. The buildFromUrl function in QxBuilder was fixed (uses a new transport API). Synchronization was fixed (excluding ".svn" directories instead of "CVS").

  •  19 Apr 2006 05:04

Release Notes: This release features a greatly improved new transport layer (AJAX), a new QxColorSelector implementation, and the ability to build a qooxdoo version without QxApplication, which is useful for people who, for example, only use the transport parts. Many bugfixes and enhancements were made.

  •  28 Feb 2006 02:26

Release Notes: In QxDragAndDropManager cursor creation was moved to a separate init method to prevent the premature creation of widgets. Commands for empty shortcuts were fixed in QxCommand. Text-align support was added to QxLabel. QxTree now has support for user-defined tree icons. A step property was added to QxRangeManager. Minor changes were made to QxIframe and QxApplication and some image issues were fixed. scroller_olsson and splitpane_olsson were added to CVS. Documentation generation was fixed to create IE-compatible pages.

  •  17 Feb 2006 07:50

Release Notes: This release improves overall performance and stability (e.g., auto-sizing of widgets and Internet Explorer-related items), reworks the layout managers QxCanvasLayout, QxBoxLayout, QxHorizontalBoxLayout, QxVerticalBoxLayout, QxFlowLayoutQxDockLayout, and QxGridLayout. and introduces an appearance implementation which makes it possible to completely style your qooxdoo application.

  •  12 Nov 2005 10:59

Release Notes: Minor fixes and enhancements were made to QxBuilder. Window handling was improved in QxDom. Better scrollIntoView in QxDom. The extend feature for qooxdoo classes was improved. The name property was added to QxNativeWindow. Other minor tweaks were made for QxNativeWindow. Minor feature additions were made in QxXmlHttpLoader. QxNativeWindow support in QxClientDocument is now more tolerant. Minor tweaks were made to QxTree elements. Improvements were made to QxGallery and QxGalleryList.


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