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Qodem is a re-implementation of the Qmodem DOS shareware communications package, updated for more modern uses. Major features include Unicode support, scrollback buffer, capture file, screen dump, dialing directory, keyboard macros, script support, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit. It can connect over serial port, telnet, ssh, rlogin, and command line, and supports multiple terminal emulations including ANSI.SYS, Avatar, VT100/102, VT220, and Linux.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 May 2012 17:30

    Release Notes: This release is a major milestone change. An X11-based build using PDCurses is now supported. telnet and rlogin are now provided with internal code, and ssh through libssh2. Kermit and Zmodem are much more reliable. Any program which uses stdin/stdout can be run as an external script, and Perl-based scripts can be automatically created with the Quicklearn feature. Other new features include a host mode, a raw socket connection method, many more 8-bit codepages, and many bugfixes.

    •  22 Oct 2010 22:43

      Release Notes: A crash in the phonebook find function and bugs with the serial port in TERMINAL mode were fixed. A connection port is now exposed for SSH and Telnet connections. Users may need to re-create their ~/.qodem/qodemrc config file.

      •  17 Sep 2010 03:20

        Release Notes: Zmodem now works on unreliable links. The Alt-W "View Directory" now includes a toggle for hiding/showing dot files (press F4). Phonebook can now be sorted by the last connect time, and can also be sorted in reverse order. Several fixes improve the out-of-the-box experience with X11 terminals: "metaSendsEscape" is automatically enabled for XTerm, white foreground / black blackground default color is automatically enabled; screen sizes smaller than 80x25 work (but might not be perfect); a new X11 launch script called "xqodem" is now included.

        •  16 Aug 2010 10:54

          Release Notes: External script support, alternate keys for function keys, and better handling of UTF-8 locale were added. The code now compiles on FreeBSD.


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