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31 Oct 2002 21:06 crimson

Currently Qmail-scanner is up to 1.15
Currently qmail-scanner is up to 1.15,

This is a very nice project... Check it out.

22 Jul 2001 08:11 drbic

qmail-scanner patches, tricks & enhancements

Current version of qmail-scanner (
(0.96) hangs when it found an encrypted .zip (the mail will never queued):
there's also a problem when an older uudecode command (found on many
Debian ( distributions) is encountred during
the installation.

I also added some tips for installing qmail-scanner in a vpopmail enviroment
and published a very complete list of "dangerous" extensions
for Mircosuk operating systems.

If you are interested, check my home page (,
or go directly to the qmail-scanner



P.S. I informed the current qmail-scanner mantainer about my page.


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