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qmail-monitor is a patch to qmail that offers mail monitoring (duplication) functionality on both incoming and outgoing SMTP traffic. the monitor ruleset is intuitive and allows the administrator to make changes without restarting the server processes.

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  •  24 Jul 2003 11:19

Release Notes: This release contains major stability and performance enhancements (approaching a 1.0 release). There are new ruleset additions that expound upon the regex supported added in the last release, as well as a 'noop' keyword. The installation process has been automated, and the patch footprint is much smaller.

Release Notes: This release includes POSIX extended regex address matching, major stability improvements, better error handling, optional non-fatal syntax error handling, and a better monitor test interface.

Release Notes: General code cleanups and structural changes.

Release Notes: Some stability issues were fixed. A new ruleset and supporting documentation were added.


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