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qmail is a modern replacement for sendmail, written by Dan Bernstein. qmail is proven to be more secure than Sendmail, and much faster.

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  •  13 Aug 2001 16:54

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10 Mar 2005 08:03 leveret

Re: 8 years and counting...

> maybe the community should just post the final

> known good patches and give up.

The community did bundle qmail with the known good

patches, back in January 2004. Have a look at
They're still supporting it too.

18 Oct 2004 19:37 calyeo

Re: qmail


> We are using qmail at our organization.

> Qmail is perfectly managing more than

> 500 accounts with very

> heavy traffic.

> QMail it's faster and more secure than

> any other MTA.

> The compilation, installation and

> configuration is trivial in front of

> Sendmail.


good fer ya. from my past experience on qmail, adding new features means possibly breaking the qmail code. I would say qmail would be good if you have the time to slowly debug. Not when you want something up, running and glitchless. within a couple of hours.

04 Oct 2004 20:47 shaman

8 years and counting...
I still use qmail because I have some legacy

software that requires it. But it's time DJB either

gave up the code under BSD or GPL, or we call it a

day and stop recommending it to people. It may be

fairly secure, but it's creaking old with plenty of

performance issues and bind/libc/etc. bugs. If he

isn't going to give up the code, maybe the

community should just post the final known good

patches and give up. All the hacks to add

more modern functionality to qmail are just that -

hacks. This dog doesn't hunt in today's Internet

anymore... much less the IPv6 networks that are

coming. Maybe DJB will see the light some day and

free his babies? Sadly, I doubt it.

15 Jul 2002 13:49 mijio Thumbs up

Re: about qmail
DJB has strange ideas about itself and about how programs should intrude the system. Keeping the whole qmail "package" (including binary) in /var/qmail/ could be understood for non-intrusiveness, but what about keeping djbdns caches under /etc/? That quite frequent in DJB's software.
However, qmail is a great software and it really more simple to use than how most people think.
It' objectively much better than sendmail. It could be, instead, compared with courier and such.

02 Apr 2002 20:30 jeffcovey

Re: I agree.

> I would love TLS support. Only Sendmail has it AFAIK.

Exim ( supports TLS,
and it's much easier to set it up under Exim than under Sendmail.


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