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  •  11 Oct 2004 17:24

Release Notes: Client port lists on audio connections are now hopefully fixed for good: the sort comparison function now takes full natural order into account.

  •  08 Oct 2004 14:19

Release Notes: An old and slow memory leak has been fixed. Shiny display effect toggling has immediate feedback in the setup dialog. Added new usx2y driver support (EXPERIMENTAL). New scaled connections/patchbay icons were added. New setup options for the connections/patch bay view appearence: larger icon sizes and font selection are now possible. Connection line width follows icon size in discrete proportion. "Other" setup options have been moved to a new dialog tab, "Misc".

  •  04 Sep 2004 12:37

Release Notes: Among minor fixes and enhancements, this release introduces some cosmetics: a shiny glass effect on the main display, and the patchbay connection lines may now be optionally drawn as bezier curves. The stop button behavior has been fixed, avoiding killing the jackd daemon prematurely and allowing proper cleanup. A new pre-shutdown script option has been added. The reset option on the context menu is now always enabled.

  •  04 Jul 2004 21:19

Release Notes: Among other minor internal fixes, the patchbay socket dialog option list items are now properly escaped as regular expressions, the system tray popup menu is now featured as a context menu on the main application window, and a reset status option is now included in the popup menu.

  •  04 Apr 2004 17:40

Release Notes: OSS driver support has been added. User interface refinements were added to the main window display and to the connections and patch bay windows. The setup dialog now warns about changed settings when applicable.

  •  16 Feb 2004 10:59

Release Notes: A new option was added for leaving the JACK server daemon running on exit. A new command-line feature was added for JACK client applications. Patchbay changes are now properly updated, and definition snapshot takes smart regular expressions. Socket ordering is now preserved, and socket dialog gets some ehancements. Active patchbay gets reloaded when saved to file. Redrawing on socket removal has been fixed. The server command-line saved into the configuration file. A setup option on child windows kept on top was added. An informational message for changes that are only effective the next time the program is started was added.

  •  01 Feb 2004 17:39

Release Notes: Patchbay definitions may now be configured with exclusive sockets. Current connected client ports are now highlighted whenever a client or port is selected on the opposite column. Drag and drop is now bilateral on the connections and patchbay view columns.

  •  19 Jan 2004 01:12

Release Notes: This version adds a custom time format setup for all elapsed times, allowing the display of tenths, hundredths or even milliseconds, instead of just hundredths of seconds for transport time code.

  •  30 Dec 2003 03:51

Release Notes: In this release, the front panel status display font may now be customized. Some connection graph changes were being silently missed, a problem which is now fixed. There are other minor but invisible fixes.

  •  26 Nov 2003 14:25

Release Notes: JACK server settings may now be profiled, named, and saved as presets. Command line preset name options and scripting argument meta-symbols are also featured for convenience. Debugging support has been added.


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