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  •  01 Jan 2014 21:16

    Release Notes: A fifth of a Jubilee release.

    •  01 Apr 2013 17:54

      Release Notes: JACK Session infra-client support has finally been added. Listings of ALSA device card id.strings are now honored. A Japanese translation has been added .

      •  18 May 2012 18:52

        Release Notes: This release adds a new "Server suffix" parameter and assorted bugfixes and small improvements.

        •  01 Jul 2011 10:07

          Release Notes: JACK session versioning has been added. Desktop-environment session shutdown has been improved. The connections refresh button now reconstructs all client/ports and connections. Connections client/port aliases editing has been fixed.

          •  30 Nov 2010 21:42

            Release Notes: JACK session support is being introduced. Messages and Status widgets were merged into one, giving space to the brand new Session widget. The server name is finally part of the server settings presets, and there are many more minor feature additions and annoyance fixes.

            •  09 Mar 2010 21:54

              Release Notes: This release adds an almost-complete D-Bus interface both for the JACK audio server and for its own GUI shortcuts. System tray icon bubble messages are now featured. A man page and new server name commandline option have been added.

              •  30 Sep 2009 21:00

                Release Notes: Support for UTF-8 client/port names has been added. Only one single patchbay connection is now allowed on exclusive sockets. Automatic crash-dump reports as debugger stack-traces are now enabled on debug builds. Client/port renaming has been fixed. A portaudio device selector is now available. Primitive D-Bus interface slots have been introduced. A command line option to activate a patchbay profile has been added. New tentative support for netjack (slave). Alternate icon sizes are now effective. There are a few other bugfixes.

                •  05 Dec 2008 21:34

                Release Notes: The patch-bay snapshot feature has been completely revamped. A JACK port aliases option has been added. Several translations have been introduced.

                •  20 Dec 2007 14:02

                Release Notes: Many fixes and enhancements have been made. Patchbay port matching now allows for multiple connections. Starting minimized to the system tray is now an option. PortAudio support has been improved. A server mode blink option has been added. The old auto-refresh legacy option was removed. Messages line limit is now checked. The patchbay snapshot has its ordering back. ALSA Sequencer support is now optional. Connections are prevented from duplicate, astray entries. Xrun stats reset with a middle-button click. A warning is now issued when disconnecting active Patchbay connections.

                •  19 Jul 2007 07:08

                Release Notes: An immediate showstopper crash upon client start was eradicated. This was affecting those with the system-tray icon disabled, as is the default.


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