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  •  08 Mar 2006 00:45

Release Notes: Fast smooth scaling was implemented. The viewer was reimplemented. Support for color TIFFs was added. A new printing engine was added. Arbitrary zoom is supported, with the ability to fit width and height.

  •  31 Jan 2006 02:16

Release Notes: Support for viewing color TIFF files was added. Printing is not yet supported. The printing system can now be auto-detected. Printing of up to four pages per sheet was added. Fast smooth-scaling for monochrome TIFFs was implemented along with arbitrary zooming between 1 and 100% with fit width and fit height support. Unicode issues were fixed and many bugfixes and internal improvements were made.

  •  14 Apr 2005 00:52

Release Notes: Photometric interpretation was fixed, handling of non-standard resolutions was implemented, and fast smooth-scaling for faxes with standard resolutions was added. A new viewer was implemented. Configuration now uses QSettings. The printing system now uses tiff2ps. Arbitrary zoom was implemented with width and height fitting. Some interface improvements were made and color support was added.

  •  22 Feb 2003 04:36

Release Notes: A database of real name aliases for fax IDs was included along with smooth scaling and zooming, the ability to drag the image with the mouse, a context menu for the image zone, and exporting of faxes to any image format supported by the Qt installation were added. This release also includes caching of visualized pages, a man page, and a ./configure script.

  •  25 Sep 2002 17:44

Release Notes: This release has persistent settings (stored in $HOME/.qfaxreader/preferences), "Sender" and "Time" on the status bar, a files view list (sidebar), autorefresh and notification for new facsimiles, and an entry menu for KDE (in Utilities).


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