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Qexo - an XQuery implementation

Qexo (Query Expressions for XML Objects aka Kawa-XQuery) is an implementation of W3C's draft XML query language XQuery. XQuery is a high-level expression language whose values are sequences of nodes (as in DOM) and simple values. It includes syntax for embedding XML or HTML results, and a 'for' statement comparable to SQL's 'select'. This implementation uses the Kawa tools to compile XQuery programs to Java bytecodes that can run on any JVM. XQuery programs can run as servlets, as standalone applications, or from the command-line.

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  •  16 Feb 2002 19:44

Release Notes: Handling more of the XQuery language (including "descendent" paths), more test-cases (including 10 from XQuery "use cases"), and better support for servlets and CGI scripts.


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