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QEMU is a fast processor emulator. Using dynamic translation it achieves a reasonable speed while being easy to port to new host CPUs. In its user mode emulation mode, it can launch Linux processes compiled for one CPU on another CPU. Linux system calls are converted because of endianness and 32/64 bit mismatches. In its full system emulation mode, it emulates a full system, including a processor and various peripherials.


Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2009 12:20

    Release Notes: Bugs were fixed.

    •  16 Mar 2009 15:56

      Release Notes: Support was added for Bluetooth emulation and host passthrough, Kernel Virtual Machine acceleration, TCG, BSD userspace emulation, and much more. Live migration and new save/restore formats were added. Many new devices were added. Multiple VNC clients are now supported, and TLS encryption is now supported in VNC. Many more features were added, and many bugs were fixed.

      •  15 May 2008 13:52

        Release Notes: Several features were added, such as TFTP booting from a host directory, tap device emulation for Solaris, monitor multiplexing to several I/O channels, CPU model selection support, MIPS64 and MIPS 64-bit FPU support, Xscale PDA and ColdFire system emulation, read-only support for Parallels disk images, and many more. Several bugs were fixed.

        •  07 Feb 2007 17:40

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  27 Nov 2006 16:29

            Release Notes: ACPI support, MIPS FPU support, Solaris/SPARC host support, Windows sparse file support, PCNET NIC support, support for variable frequency host CPUs, support for AMD Flash memories, and support for capturing audio to WAV files were added. PC VGA BIOS fixes were made. OpenBios is now used for SPARC targets. VNC server fixes were made. USB updates were made. PPC breakpoints and single stepping, UDP/TCP/telnet character devices, RTL8139 NIC TCP segmentation offloading, and a workaround for Win32 SMP hosts were implemented.

            Recent comments

            02 May 2005 16:05 h3knix

            Great stuff
            I just had to post a comment... I really like this software, I develop a linux distribution, and aid in the development of a few other projects, and having the ability to test installs without messing up my original system is very helpful. QEMU was easy to install, and is very easy to use. Even the accelerator was easy to install and use. 10 stars!


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