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Version 3.3.4 of QCAD

Release Notes: This release features a new line tool for drawing lines that are orthogonal to a line and tangential to an arc, circle, or ellipse. DXF compatibility with other products has been improved. Some bugs related to the print menu and the print dialog under Linux have been fixed.

    Other releases

    •  12 Apr 2014 00:50

      Release Notes: This update fixes a bug in connection with blocks and copying / pasting. Performance when selecting many entities has been improved significantly. There's also a new modification tool and support for different point display modes.

      •  10 Feb 2014 22:14

        Release Notes: International characters are now also supported in layer names and block names. A new, extended line drawing tool has been added. This release also contains various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

        •  19 Dec 2013 10:38

          Release Notes: Bugfixes and new snap and construction tools.

          •  05 Dec 2013 01:03

            Release Notes: This release offers an application preference to remove any restrictions when zooming and panning. Support for rendering leaders without arrow head has been added.

            •  14 Nov 2013 02:22

              Release Notes: This release fixes issues with trimming and reversing splines, and improves SVG import.


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