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Release Notes: The GUI for the tracking module was improved. A new telescope mount model (MTS) was added. The build system and some other minor things were improved. This should be last beta release before 4.0.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: In this release, the ppdev module is used to control the parallel port, and there is telescope guiding support for the MCU update kit.

Release Notes: This release has a helper for king alignment methods, new display modes, and a French translation.

Release Notes: The SDL library can be used to provide a blazing fast display. The keyboard and mouse-wheel can be used to control all the sliders in the GUI. Saving and restoring the settings of the pwc webcam now work. A lot of other small improvements and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release allows the exposure time to be set in seconds.

  •  08 Dec 2003 13:28

Release Notes: The crosshair is back in the display window when SDL mode is activated, and the capture frame size is preserved when the display window is closed.

Release Notes: The SDL library can be used to display frames, providing a major speed increase. Keyboard shortcuts now work for moving sliders. Settings displayed by the GUI are now refreshed when the "restore setting" button is used.

Release Notes: Direct output for FITS file format is now available. Display windows have been redesigned with some new features.

Release Notes: This release adds a lot of bugfixes, GUI updates (display of frames and histogram can be activated at runtime, beautiful buttons have been added, etc.), and a partial rewrite of the telescope guiding code.


Project Spotlight


A compression library for lzip files


Project Spotlight


A command-line utility that simply dumps all attributes of its environment.