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Q2Java is a game DLL for Quake2 that allows game code to be written in Java instead of C. It currently runs on Win32, Solaris, and Linux platforms. It takes advantange of many Java features including security, cross-platform binary compatibility, internationalization, dynamic classloading, just to name a few things.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Dec 1999 22:56

    Release Notes: Bugfixes and general code cleanup.

    •  04 Jun 1999 16:09

      Release Notes: Grappling Hook code split off into separate gamelet, so it can be used for games besides CTF now. Level changing and map-choosing code also a separate gamelet, so it can be easily replaced or extended.

      •  18 May 1999 15:26

        Release Notes: This version features a revamped messaging system which makes it very easy to write gamelets to do things such as: spam/flood supression, bad language filters, chat logging, etc.

        •  18 Apr 1999 09:27

          Release Notes: This release is mostly general bugfixes and architecture improvements. Please note that Q2Java is now hosted on PlanetQuake, and visit the homepage for info on a new mailing list for interested developers.

          •  03 Apr 1999 03:11

            Release Notes: Added support for reading/writing map information in XML format, coders are able to define new XML tags that server admins can place in map files to control what happens when a level runs and the package includes example Java gamelets which let admins easily set CVars and load/unload other gamelets on a map-by-map basis just by editing an XML file.


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