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pywmdockapps is a library that makes it possible to write WindowMaker dockapps in Python. A couple of useful dockapps based on this library are also included.

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  •  18 May 2007 14:47

Release Notes: This version introduces an object-oriented framework. It has an 'Application' class usable enough for the most simple cases, or from which to derive your own class. A working example is provided that is based on the library.

  •  26 Oct 2006 03:06

    Release Notes: Extensive changes were made in the generation of the XPM. Anti-aliased fonts are supported, though only the intensity of anti-aliasing is acknowledged. Selecting different a foreground and background does not oblige the programmer to recompute anti-aliasing colours.

    •  18 Oct 2006 10:04

    Release Notes: The sample program pywmdatetime shows an antialiased font (taken from the beautiful wmCalClock). It might be instructive to see which way this is achieved; the code is very simple. A new 'condensed' font has been added to the suite (5x8).

    •  15 Oct 2006 00:51

    Release Notes: Fonts are now read from xpm files instead of being hard-coded. A small bunch of fonts is provided: 5x7, 6x8 (two), 7x8, 8x8 (two).

    •  06 Oct 2006 10:29

    Release Notes: This version of the library introduces a charset with both lower and upper case. The structure of the software makes it a bit easier to substitute the charset with a custom one.


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