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  •  22 Apr 2007 17:20

Release Notes: Several of the modules have been updated. The listquote module has been removed. ConfigObj has been updated to 4.4.0. StandOut has been updated to 3.0.0 (not backwards compatible, but greatly improved).

  •  19 Dec 2005 02:50

Release Notes: This version was updated to include ConfigObj 4.1.0, odict 0.2.1, validate 0.2.1, cgiutils 0.3.5, and pathutils 0.2.4. Major feature enhancements were made in several of these modules.

  •  18 Oct 2005 08:10

Release Notes: ConfigObj 4.0.0 final and an updated version of cgiutils were included.


Project Spotlight


A distributed multi-protocol load testing tool.


Project Spotlight


A Java code quality tool to enforce good design with respect to package dependencies.