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Python/Tk Empire Interface

The Python/Tk Empire Interface (PTkEI) enables you to connect to empire 4.x.x (Wolfpack) servers. Empire is a real-time war game with long tradition. You can find out about Empire and currently running servers and other clients at its homepage. This client is an example for a truly portable cross-platform GUI, known to run on Unix, X11, Win32 and Mac. Additionally you do not give up any command line power as a player, but you have to to learn the empire commands to make use of this GUI client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Apr 2003 12:05

    Release Notes: This release adds support for circular ranges and fixes selection problems when ranges were across the map border. It is now possible to copy readonly text areas to other applications. A new ltest command has been added that behaves just like the test command but for land units. Finally, a "usage" message is displayed when the user enters a malformed command rather than a cryptic error message.

    •  09 Mar 2003 20:28

      Release Notes: Two bugs related to the MOB_ACCESS option have been fixed: sector mobility now gets updated at each refresh of the database, and sectors with negative mobility display correctly on the map.

      •  23 Feb 2003 20:21

        Release Notes: This release fixes various bugs in parsing functions (sonar output, ship names, unknown sector types in map, etc.). PTkEI now displays sea mines on the map.

        •  13 Oct 2002 19:08

          Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes in the parsing functions (lookout/llookout and spy commands) and in prediction tools (food needed or sector efficiency). Two new commands have been added: one to automatically set food thresholds and the other to highlight sectors.

          •  02 Jul 2002 05:58

            Release Notes: A new command has been added, which shows commodities needed to build and repair units. The "remove" command has been rewritten to take a sector range as argument instead of a unit ID. Several parsing functions and movement utilities (mmove) have been improved or had bugs fixed.


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