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PySuite is a collection of Python Vim plugins. You need Vim compiled with python to use them. It includes: an outliner similar to TVO; a todo list manager; a project manager (load/unload by directory/project, make an outline of Python files, etc); a calendar that supports adding notes to dates; a plugin to track expenses and balances; a sortable table with fields separated by 2+ spaces; resize (set a list of main Vim window sizes and use two shortcuts to resize -/+); helpgrep (enter a few words and use :helpgrep cmd to search for them in any order); pystripdoc (make a copy of the buffer with stripped out Python docstrings and comments); pyfolddoc (fold Python docstrings and comments); and aligncode (align code by '=' or '#' chars).

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  •  26 Jun 2010 21:44

    Release Notes: The vimp3 script was added, which is a music player for vim. Some performance issues with the suite were fixed. Reverse sorting was added. A bug in cal when adding a new entry after an existing entry was fixed.

    •  15 Jun 2010 15:12

      Release Notes: This is the initial release.


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      A static Web gallery generator.


      Project Spotlight


      An APT-like system for Slackware package management.