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Release Notes: pysqlite is now 2.5 times faster for DML statements. This pays off especially for bulk-loading data. pysqlite now recognizes if the database engine has done an implicit ROLLBACK and acts accordingly. Using custom mapping and sequence types in parameters works now.

Release Notes: The SQLite collation API was made available. The total_changes API call was wrapped. The code was made more robust in many places by adding additional error checking.

Release Notes: A lot of work has gone into this release. Transparent statement caching has been added to avoid the compilation step for the most often used SQL statements. The Connection class has convenience shortcut methods to avoid the creation of often useless Cursor objects. Text data can now be returned as bytestrings or optimized Unicode in addition to plain Unicode strings. A new super-efficient way to access resultset columns by name as well as by index has been added.

Release Notes: Since the beta release, the API was simplified and made more compatible with psycopg. It's possible to control transactions better. Support for Python's builtin date and datetime types was added, and a few minor bugs were fixed, as well as a compilation problem on 64-bit platforms.

Release Notes: This release features user-defined functions and aggregates. It fixes various memory leaks and refcount problems. It adds connection, cursor, and row factories. There is better Unicode and multi-threading behaviour. There are also various bugfixes and small enhancements.

Release Notes: A new namespace to allow parallel installation of SQLite 1.x and SQLite 2.x. Improved DB-API compliance. The new type system has been fully implemented.

Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes were made. A binary type is supported. The Global Interpreter Lock is now released while the database engine works. This means that PySQLite is now a lot more useful in threaded applications, because it doesn't block the whole app any more.

Release Notes: A syntax change for setting expected types from the typeless SQLite SQL engine was made. Lots of code was moved from the Python to the C layer, and several new SQLite functions were wrapped.

Release Notes: Much better DB-API 2.0 compliance, much improved documentation, a 'smart' result set class, Unicode support, typeless SQLite (and a new possibility to overcome this limitation--the types int, float, str and Unicode are supported by default, but you can add user-defined types), ability to code user-defined SQL functions and aggregates in Python (!) and register them to the connection, an extensive test suite, and a nice homepage.


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