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PySol is an exciting collection of more than 200 solitaire card games. Its features include a very nice look and feel, multiple cardsets and table backgrounds, unlimited undo/redo, loading/saving games, player statistics and log files, a hint system, demo games, support for user-written plugins, sound support (including samples and background music), an integrated HTML help browser, and lots of documentation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2003 19:00

    Release Notes: This release has support for Python 2.3 and has a couple of minor bugfixes.

    •  24 Jun 2002 17:56

      Release Notes: Some bugs in the Spider-type games were fixed.

      •  16 Dec 2001 21:57

        Release Notes: Fixes for rules of Irmgard, bugfixes, and support for Python 2.2.

        •  01 Jun 2001 05:22

          Release Notes: This release fixes a problem when using hints in Black Hole.

          •  20 Apr 2001 19:33

            Release Notes: Improved dynamic scrollbar handling, and support for Python 2.1.

            Recent comments

            06 Jun 2007 13:42 giancarlo76

            New release?
            What about a new release?

            It's still great and very playable, but I really would enjoy some new games and the plethora of new cool features; and also... Yes! I would like it to fit better in my DE !!



            08 Jan 2006 22:54 glasse

            Re: Two Suit Spider for Pysol

            > This doesn't seem to work in 4.82.

            > Mandriva 2006 beta.


            > Anybody know why not?


            > I don't think it likes the suits=(0,2)

            > part.

            It doesn't work on my machine either. The minimal plugin script that seems to work is:

            from gamedb import *

            from spider import *

            class Spider2suit(Spider):


            registerGame(GameInfo(200000, Spider2suit, "Two Suit Spider", GI.GT_SPIDER, 4, 0, suits=(0,2)))

            (With the registerGame function all one one line.)

            The "gotchas" that I stumbled upon: Classes and functions are not available by default on my system, needing to be imported seperately. Each solitaire game needs evidently to have its own class, thus the introduction of the Spider2suit class.


            06 Sep 2005 12:00 ryampolsky

            Re: Two Suit Spider for Pysol
            This doesn't seem to work in 4.82. Mandriva 2006 beta.

            Anybody know why not?

            I don't think it likes the suits=(0,2) part.

            09 Mar 2004 18:22 dhorkoff

            Two Suit Spider for Pysol
            Add the following line to the (new) file
            keeping it all to one line, preserving upper and lower case in every word.
            (this file location is on a debian based system, other distros this may, but not very likely, vary):

            registerGame(GameInfo(200000, Spider, "Two Suit Spider", GI.GT_SPIDER, 4, 0, suits=(0,2)))

            I'm tired of WinXP getting all the glory over one silly game!

            15 Nov 2003 10:57 slube

            Re: Mac OS X

            > % Has anyone managed to get this
            > running
            > % on Mac OS X? If so, a link or
            > % instructions would be appreciated.
            > %
            > % THanks.
            > Are you still looking for a way to get
            > this to work? I've had it working on OS
            > X for ages, but unforunately, I never
            > saw this forum until now.
            > If you are interested, let me know and
            > I'll upload a .dmg of the working code,
            > plus a diff so you can see what the
            > changes are.

            I've been trying to run this on Mac OSX 10.3 with no
            luck. was created properly, but when I try
            to launch it, the icon pulses in the doc like it's going to
            load up, but then just dissapears.
            I installed the Tkinter libraries. When I go into the
            scripts-2.3 folder (the same area where the
            is), inside it, there is a pysol file. When I type python
            pysol (in that directory), I get the following screen (I'm
            running as root):

            {'errno': None, 'args': ("pysol: DataLoader could not
            find ('html/license.html',)",), 'strerror': None, 'filename':
            Traceback (most recent call last):
            File "pysol", line 126, in ?
            File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/
  ", line 515, in main
            r = pysol_main(args)
            File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/
  ", line 454, in pysol_main
            r = pysol_init(app, args)
            File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/
  ", line 87, in pysol_init
            app.dataloader = DataLoader(args[0], f)
            File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/
            line 187, in __init__
            raise os.error, str(argv0) + ": DataLoader could not
            find " + str(filenames)
            OSError: pysol: DataLoader could not find ('html/

            Any ideas what's happening, or how I could make it


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