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Rope is a Python refactoring library. It can be used in other IDEs to provide features like refactoring and coding assistance.


RSS Recent releases

  •  16 May 2012 21:46

    Release Notes: This release mainly contains bugfixes. Please consult the development repo commit messages for more details.

    •  19 Feb 2009 18:27

    Release Notes: The autoimport module now supports caching all sub-modules of a module. Recursion when loading modules has been fixed. Basic support for setuptools has been added. The extract method has been changed to handle conditional variable updates.

    •  29 Oct 2008 05:26

    Release Notes: The import_dynload_stdmods variable has been added to reduce the size of the extension_modules variable. Some Windows-specific bugs were fixed.

    •  03 Oct 2008 12:38

    Release Notes: The Darcs VCS is now supported. Mac line-endings are handled. The function to inline a variable was changed so that it does not search all files when inlining a local variable. Cygwin path problems were fixed.

    •  24 Jul 2008 11:42

    Release Notes: Inline refactoring has been enhanced. changestack, fixmodnames, and finderrors modules were added to rope.contrib package. Extension module handling was improved. rope.contrib.findit.find_definition() has been added.


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