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pyratemp is probably (one of) the smallest complete template-engines for Python (with about 500 LOC). It has a very small set of special syntax in the templates. This reduces complexity and the probability of bugs and lead to an easy-to-use and intuitive user-interface. It uses embedded Python-expressions (in a "sandbox"), is well documented, has full Unicode-support, and produces very good error-messages, which is very useful when creating new templates.


Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2013 08:15

    Release Notes: default() in the template now also catches AttributeError, so that @!default("a.b", "")!@ also works if a exists but b does not.

    •  18 Sep 2013 08:14

      Release Notes: This is a backport of 0.3.2 to Python <=2.5.

      •  17 Jun 2013 19:07

        Release Notes: New convenience functions to create HTML files and email messages have been added (in A bug in the pseudo-sandbox has been fixed, and the template can now use set()/isinstance()/dir(), list comprehensions, and things like sorted(..., key=lambda x: myf(x[1])).

        •  17 Jun 2013 19:01

          Release Notes: This is a backport of 0.3.1 to Python <=2.5.

          •  03 Apr 2013 00:56

            Release Notes: This release adds Python 3 support (mixed >=2.6/3.x), LaTeX/mail-header escaping, distutils-installation, renaming of to, and small bugfixes.


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