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Version 4.10.1 of PyQt

Release Notes: This is minor feature and bugfix release includes the QtCore.pyqtSetPickleProtocol() and QtCore.pyqtPickleProtocol() functions to set and get the protocol used to pickle Python objects when serialising them for Qt and the --resource-suffix option for pyuic4.

    Other releases

    •  16 Mar 2014 21:55

      Release Notes: This is a minor functional release that includes full support for Qt v5.2.1.

      •  16 Mar 2014 21:55

        Release Notes: This is a minor bug fix release.

        •  08 Jan 2014 21:11

          Release Notes: This release fully supports Qt v5.2.0, including the new QtBluetooth, QtPositioning, QtMacExtras, QtWinExtras, and QtX11Extras modules.

          •  16 Oct 2013 13:39

            Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release.

            •  03 Oct 2013 07:46

              Release Notes: This release added full support for Qt 5.1, the QtSensors and QtSerialPort modules, and bindings for OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL ES/2.


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