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  •  25 Jul 2003 21:36

Release Notes: PgTypes are now hashable, and PgNumeric support was improved. The creation of large objects can now be rolled back, as it no longer automatically performs a commit. Sub-classed String and long types are now quoted properly. A possible buffer overrun condition in libPQquoteString was fixed.

Release Notes: This version includes support for PostgreSQL 7.3 2, UNICODE, and PostgreSQL reference cursors. The build process was improved, and should now build 'out of the box' on most popular systems. There is also improved support for the PostgreSQL NUMERIC type, and there were various bugfixes.

  •  08 Sep 2002 17:28

Release Notes: Access to PostgreSQL columns is now case insensitive. There are various bugfixes for the numeric data type and the database row type (PgResultSet).

Release Notes: Support for PostgreSQL transaction levels, improvements to performance and reduced memory consumption in PgResultSet, and other minor fixes and improvements.

  •  05 Nov 2001 16:46

Release Notes: This release is a 'real' Python package (i.e. a directory with an file). pyPgSQL supplied types can now be pickled. A major memory leak has been plugged. Various problems with Large Objects have been fixed.

  •  01 Oct 2001 02:16

Release Notes: pyPgSQL 1.6 adds support for PostgreSQL's BYTEA type. It also corrects problems with escaping/quoting strings that use alternate character encodings. Also, there have also been numerous bug fixes made in little used methods in the libpq module.

  •  30 Aug 2001 04:45

Release Notes: A bug that could cause to fail if it was called without an argument was fixed. The code was run through lint, and the problems found were corrected. The MS Windows version would crash after recieving a notification from the database server. This has been fixed. pyPgSQL will now build 'out of the box' in the cygwin environment.

  •  27 Aug 2001 00:16

Release Notes: The code for PgConnection, PgLargeObject, PgNotify, and PgResult was moved from libpqmodule.c into separate source files. Also, any constant, read-only attributes in PgConnection, PgLargeObject, PgNotify, PgResult, and PgVersion are now stored as a Python object instead of as a native C type. Fixes for bug #449743, 450330, 454653, and for other minor bugs were made.

  •  06 Aug 2001 17:51

Release Notes: The PgVersion object (formally implemented as a Python class named PgVer) was re-implemented in C and moved into the libpq module. In, execute() will not attempt to do parameter subsitution on the query string if no additional parameters are passed to execute. libpqmodule.c will now correctly identify large objects in PostgreSQL 7.1.x and above. Memory used to duplicate strings is allocated from Python's heap. Some possible memory leaks and the escape seqence sent from Python for non-printable characters have been fixed.

Release Notes: The PgInt2 and PgInt8 type objects (formerly implemented as Python classes) were re-implemented in C. The PgInt8 C implementation will only be used if long_longs are supported in your architecture, otherwise a Python implementation (based on Python's long type) will be used. There were also minor bugfixes and performance improvemts.


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