Version 0.42 of pyPEG

Release Notes: This release drops support for generating line numbers as text directly into the pyAST. Instead, now pyAST consists of pyPEG.Name objects for the names of the non-terminal symbols. pyPEG.Name is a class derived from Python's str class. Additionally, it has a .line attribute, which contains the line number where the corresponding non-terminal was found. Memoization has been added, so pyPEG is a packrat parser now (optionally).

Other releases

Release Notes: This release supports keeping automatically-removed feeble things in the AST, like whitespace or comments.

Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes some small bugs which occurred when Symbol.check_keywords = True and adds the omit() function.

Release Notes: Feature enhancements are provided, like a method for memory cache clearing and improving composing and text representation. Some small bugs are fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to have class int as grammar, supporting optional attributes in xml2thing() and thing2xml().

Release Notes: Implements a portable way to have new style function declarations without syntax errors in Python 2.7. Extends the synopsis of the csl() function. Minor documentation enhancements. Code cleanup.


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