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Pynguin is a Python-based turtle graphics application. It combines an editor, an interactive interpreter, and a graphics display area. It is meant to be an easy environment for introducing some programming concepts to beginning programmers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Jun 2013 01:16

    Release Notes: This release makes major changes to the editor to enable line numbers and other improvements.

    •  20 Apr 2013 00:12

      Release Notes: This release adds several user-requested features, including circular arcs, SVG export, and undo.

      •  16 Mar 2013 23:28

        Release Notes: This release ports Pynguin to Python 3.

        •  10 Nov 2011 00:19

          Release Notes: This release fixes menu items and dialogs not working on Windows, fixes an error on Windows when trying to write backup files, raises an exception when using a color component outside of 0-255, makes the util.nudge_color() API match util.choose_color(), allows setting a background color, fixes custom SVG avatars to allow any size of avatar, allows commenting/uncommenting a line/region, adds a command to clear the history, clears a line before writing commands selected in a menu, and adds a fractals example file.


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          Project Spotlight

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