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Release Notes: Many bugfixes and detail improvements were made. Django rev 6626 and tinyMCE rev 300 are included. Note that there exists a fix for a security vulnerability discovered in Django's internationalization framework: The affected versions are revisions of the Django trunk prior to revision 6608.

Release Notes: This release uses the new highlighter system PyKleur. An RSS feed generator plugin has been added. There are many bugfixes.

Release Notes: Login security was improved so that a random number is valid only once. md5.js and md5manager.js were moved to the internal page, login_form. Storage of the markup used in the database was changed to IDs instead of name strings, and there is a new "markups" table. Table users are obsolete; only the md5users table will remain unaffected. The use of <button> was changed to <input>. <lucidTag:page_style_link/> was replaced by <lucidTag:page_style/> and <lucidTag:page_style.embed/>. A small improvement was made in the textile parser.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. A simple search was added. The position of every page can be changed with "sequencing the pages". select_edit_page allows you to edit a side across a select-box, so you can edit all sides. The Textile-Markup-Tag <python>...</python> was added for direct Python sourcecodee highlighting. Some new internal pages were added. A few improvements were made in the textile Parser. As an experiment, CPU time (time.clock()) is now shown. shows "who" info. Changes were made in SQL logging.


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audit daemon

A package of user-space audit utilities.


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A command line audio MPEG player.