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pyliblo is a Python wrapper for the liblo OSC library. It supports almost the complete functionality of liblo, allowing you to send and receive OSC messages using a nice and simple Python API.

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Release Notes: The send functions now raise an IOError if sending failed, which is especially useful for TCP connections. The code was cleaned up, making it more readable and slightly more efficient than previous versions.

Release Notes: This release completes support for Python 3.x and the switch from Pyrex to Cython. Server objects now include a fileno() method to get the file descriptor of the server socket, and a free() method to close the server without relying on Python's garbage collection. Getter methods were replaced by read-only properties, and all classes and methods are now properly annotated with docstrings.

  •  09 Mar 2010 07:05

    Release Notes: This version adds support for Python 3.x.

    Release Notes: The license has changed from the GPL v2 to the LGPL 2.1 (liblo did the same in version 0.26). The addition of a protocol parameter to the Server class now makes it possible to use OSC over TCP.

    •  20 Jan 2009 00:54

    Release Notes: This release includes some minor feature enhancements: Return values of callback functions are no longer ignored, but handled as in liblo. The send_osc script can now be run with an explicit type string, instead of trying to determine the argument types automatically. All previous compiler warnings have been fixed properly in the Pyrex source, instead of patching the generated C code.


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