Version 1.3 of PyInstaller

Release Notes: A bug in which user-provided icons disappeared from built executables when these were compressed with UPX was fixed. Problems with packaging of applications using PIL was fixed. When used under Windows XP, packaged programs now have the correct look and feel and follow the user's themes. A buffer overrun in the bootloader which could lead to a crash when the built executable is run from within a deep directory pathname was fixed. A regression introduced in 1.1 was fixed: under Linux, the bootloader does not depend on anymore.

Other releases

  •  28 Sep 2013 18:05

Release Notes: This release requires a minimum of Python 2.4. It adds a rewritten manual, integration with setuptools and pypi, --version-file with Unicode support, running of frozen apps from paths containing foreign characters, a --icon option for OS X, argv emulation for OpenDocument AppleEvent, the option --runtime-hook to allow running custom code, renaming of --buildpath to --workpath, placement of a created app in --distpath, experimental support for Linux Arm, and the new/fixed import hooks docutils, jinja2, sphinx, pytz, idlelib, sqlite3, IPython, Scipy, pygst, Python for .NET, PyQt5, Bacon, raven, twisted, pygst, and Django 1.4.

  •  14 Aug 2012 21:59

Release Notes: This release requires a minimum of Python 2.3, adds experimental AIX and Solaris support, supports OS X 10.7 and 10.8, simplifies the commandline interface, adds/improves hooks for PyUSB, wx, Tkinter, PyQt4, pyttsx, win32com, and pyenchant, creates application bundles (.app) on OS X, adds other OS X improvements and bugfixes, supports running in virtualenv, uses the Python logging system for message output, improves the test suite, adds a lot of code refactoring, moves source code hosting to github, and makes bootloader overrides PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH.

  •  01 Aug 2011 13:08

Release Notes: A new default PyInstaller icon was added for generated executables on Windows. Support was added for Python built with --enable-shared on Mac OS X. A workaround was added for incorrect platform.system() on some Python Windows installations where this function returns "Microsoft" instead "Windows". The --windowed option was fixed for Mac OS X, where a console executable was created every time even with this option. A typographical error that prevented detection of DLL libraries loaded by the ctypes module was fixed.

  •  09 May 2011 21:11

Release Notes: This is a major stable release. New features were added, including full support for Python 2.6 and 2.7 (even on Windows), support for Windows 64-bit, binary bootloaders for Linux and Mac OS X (32-bit only), improved Mac OS X support, and compatibility with older Python versions (Python 2.2+). Many bugs were fixed.

  •  23 Mar 2010 13:28

Release Notes: This is a major stable release. Many new features were added, including preliminary Mac OS X support, improved Linux support, intelligent tracking of ctypes dependencies, support for digital-signing under Windows, and support for dozens of third-party libraries. Python versions up to 2.7 are fully supported on Linux and Mac and up to 2.5 on Windows. Hundreds of bugs were fixed.


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