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  •  23 Aug 2002 14:08

Release Notes: There are minor changes to fix build problems on Linux distributions with older binutils.

Release Notes: This release allows parallel installs with the 2.0 version of pygtk, fixes a segfault which occurred with pymalloc, and fixes various other problems.

Release Notes: New simplified tree model APIs were added. Bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Cyclic garbage collection of signal handlers, better marshaling of GValues to/from PyObjects, and many other bugfixes.

Release Notes: The code generator was updated to handle ownership of return values better. Function naming was changed in the module. Handling of unsigned int/long parameters was improved.

Release Notes: This version updates defs files to match the GTK 2.0 API. There is a new module to bind GtkGLArea widget, and some bugfixes.

Release Notes: In this release, there were many updates to the code generator. More functions that weren't handled by the code generator were wrapped, and there are also many bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes updates to work with newer GTK+ and some bugfixes. There is also automatically generated documentation for signals and properties (doesn't quite work with online help system though).

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, and better handling of some error conditions.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the closure chaining features in glib-1.3.12, and bugfixes. It requires Python 2.2 final.


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