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PyGogear is a tool for using the Philips GoGear MP3 players under Linux. The GoGear Philips xHDD0xx and PSS115/7 series of MP3 players can be mounted with the usb-storage module, but merely copying MP3 files onto it is not enough, since the player needs to read information about the tracks from a Sqlite database file, usually named MyDb. This program reads the necessary tags (either ID3v1 or ID3v2) from the MP3 files placed on the player and inserts them in the database. M3U playlists are supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2005 13:32

    Release Notes: Support for Python 2.3 was added. Some bugs in reporting missing modules were fixed. Output formatting was made nicer.

    •  05 Aug 2005 05:05

      Release Notes: Some general bugs due to bad coding were fixed. Handling of encounters with bad tags (or no tags) was improved, so now some defaults are set. Files with id3v2.2 tags are skipped, since eyeD3 does not handle them properly. The read_tag() method was removed in favor of read_mp3(). The fix_string() method was added. The set_defaults() method was added to set some default tags when needed.

      •  26 Jul 2005 19:42

        Release Notes: The code was almost completely rewritten for a more object-oriented design. Docstrings were added for the main stuff. When a bad MP3 file is encountered, the file simply gets skipped (printing some string). M3U playlists are now supported. Error handling and reporting were improved. The general method "getId(id_field.table, field_to_match, match)" was introduced, and is used to get one entry's id from any given table (instead of "make_artist(...)", "make_album(...)", and similar). Other minor changes were made.

        •  05 Jul 2005 12:05

          Release Notes: pyGogear used to write some dummy tags to those MP3 files with no tags at all. Now files are left untouched. The database file is now copied to /tmp for faster access times. A counter with the number of songs inserted is printed after a succesful execution. Some changes were introduced by the eyeD3 module. Some information was not inserted in the database' song table (such as bitrate, frequency, track length). ID3v2 is now supported as well as ID3v1. Output is now nicer, since the debugging output was removed.

          •  01 Jul 2005 05:33

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            31 May 2007 14:49 swami1

            Re: important! (version 5.6.30)
            hmmm i got the last version from ur site :5.9 i've installed all the modules necesary for it but i got an error is about de
            db_flush aparently it hits the exception from the db_flush it doesn't succed in flushing the MyDb any ideas in how can i solve that thing...this is the single error it gives me.Tanks
            if so send me a link or a solution on

            26 Jul 2005 10:32 pierlooqup

            Re: NEW RELEASE: v5.8
            ps: i'm looking for GUI programmers, pygtk + glade should make it...

            26 Jul 2005 10:29 pierlooqup

            NEW RELEASE: v5.8
            Code has been _almost_ completely rewritten for this release which adds an important feature that was really lacking: .m3u playlists are finally supported! Read the README on how to use them!

            07 Jul 2005 07:00 pierlooqup

            next release Todo's :)
            already started working on the next release, which will (possibly) add these important features which are currently unsupported:

            - playlist support

            - subfolders allowed (currently not)

            - general enhancements (security stuff)

            05 Jul 2005 03:29 pierlooqup

            NEW VERSION RELEASED (version 5.7.5)
            The new version is released. This fixes major bugs in the old version, and it works smoothly (in my experience)

            Please read the CHANGES and README for more info.


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