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PyGCS is a very stripped down MUD-like chat-server written entirely in Python. It has a single "room" and no large database to keep in memory and on disk. PyGCS has no embedded programming language. PyGCS is ideally meant to be a small multi-user real-time chat system for people who have a need to talk to more than one person at a time online. It fits somewhere in between the setup IRC uses (no walking between rooms so to speak) and the MUCK/MUSH/MOO style of server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Dec 2000 16:01

    Release Notes: A bug was fixed in which the server would eventually crash if a user started @paste and then disconnected without ending paste. The '|' command (single paste item) was added for MOO compatibility.

    •  25 Oct 2000 20:05

      Release Notes: New @paste, @pasteto, and + commands (MOOisms), a help system internal cleanup and lookup table, and changes to the output (to you and your recipient(s)).

      •  06 Sep 2000 00:57

        Release Notes: This release adds fallback support for Python 1.6. (Note that Python 1.6 is NOT REQUIRED. PyGCS still works fine with 1.5.2.)

        •  29 Aug 2000 18:04

          Release Notes: The lastseen database code was converted to be a 'pickle' and not a 'shelf' so that PyGCS databases can be moved from machine A to machine B without any trouble.

          •  04 Aug 2000 03:11

            Release Notes: A fix for a bug where portscanner crashed the server due to quick disconnect, complete whiteboard overhaul, optional arguments to who and finger, persistent whiteboard and disconnect messages across server restarts, automatic log file rollover, and multiple "target" support for directed say and whisper.


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