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  •  12 Sep 2013 03:22

    Release Notes: This version fixes a regression introduced in 0.7.3; upgrading is recommended. It includes the following changes: a new NTF design method based on a noise weighting function; standard audio weighting functions and ISO 226 equal loudness contours; new NTF design methods for psychoacoustically optimal modulators for audio signals; a regression fix in ds_optzeros (the regression was preventing some example code from running); new examples from a recently published TCAS-II paper; and a 'ba' specifier for filters in numerator/denominator form. The evalTF function is more robust against complex overflow, and there are some bugfixes.

    •  19 Apr 2013 21:29

      Release Notes: This release makes the codebase compatible with scipy 0.12.0, makes the delsig module contain its reference delsig version, and makes minor fixes to the documentation.

      •  29 Mar 2013 17:57

        Release Notes: This version includes a port of the synthesizeChebyshevNTF NTF design strategy and some bugfixes. It avoids deprecated direct access to numpy array data to make it compatible with future numpy releases.

        •  14 Mar 2013 18:58

          Release Notes: By dropping an external dependecy, deployment in Windows is now much easier, and Windows installers are now available.

          •  01 Mar 2013 02:41

            Release Notes: This release splits the download into a main code download and a documentation download, and provides sample code to replicate the results in some scientific papers.


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