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Py_ContigViewer is a contig viewer, a stand alone cross-platform desktop application that uses CAP3 alignments to graphically display and validate candidate SNPs and InDels. It also simplifies PCR oligo design in an interactive mode. The extended mode provides the display of BLAST hits of annotated sequences with intron positions for the selected contig. Py_ContigViewer works in conjunction with DIS (Deletion, Insertion, Substitution) SNP discovery pipeline at

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Release Notes: This release provides transparent data transfer to the PerlPrimer program via a network socket. It simplifies oligo design because there is no longer a need to run "save as" / "open as" dialogs. It also allows configuration of display parameters using a config file.

Release Notes: This version generates output files in FASTA format with information about selected regions for oligo design that can be used directly by the PerlPrimer program. The search function for substrings was improved, and displaying of GC% content for consensus sequences was implemented.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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