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  •  17 Nov 2013 23:13

    Release Notes: Bug correction in scan_stream. Other bug corrections. ClamdUnixSocket is now able to get the Unix socket name from /etc/clamav/clamd.conf.

    •  21 Apr 2013 17:16

    Release Notes: This release fixes bugs with mulitple scans at once and with non-Latin filenames. It also adds a compatibility layer with part of the 0.2 API.

    •  21 Nov 2012 01:08

    Release Notes: This release changes the API to a class model, uses the INSTREAM scan method instead of the deprecated STREAM, adds a MULTISCAN method, makes STATS return full data on multiline, and adds Python 3.x and 2.x compatibility.

    •  12 Jul 2010 22:17

      Release Notes: This release fixes an error with deprecated string exceptions. It adds optional timeout to avoid blocking socket operations. The license is now LGPL.

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