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PyChess is a fully featured chess client mostly targeting the GNOME desktop. It also contains a Python-based chess engine inspired by Gnu Chess.


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Release Notes: Support was added for chess variants. PyChess now allows you to play Fischer Random, Losers, or simply playing odds chess as an additional way of giving a player a handicap. On-line play has been enhanced with chat support. The FICS support has been improved with built-in Timeseal support. This helps to terminate lag, and is especially helpful in very fast games, like bullet chess. If you prefer to play off-line, PyChess now lets you choose from eight different play-strengths.

  •  28 Mar 2008 02:46

Release Notes: PyChess now starts a game correctly when choosing Black. Window resize problems on start-up were fixed. An icon lookup error on some systems was fixed. Port 5000 was added as an alternative for FICS. Some button size problems with the industrial themes were fixed. PyChess now identifies itself on FICS to support the statistics.

  •  18 Jan 2008 07:35

Release Notes: This release adds Toga 2 to supported UCI engines and adds translations from Rosetta. It fixes problems which killed the second started engine in some Python versions, made engines freeze on pausing, and made engines unable to "undo" in loaded games. It makes PyChess easier to beat on easy levels, makes PyChess never resign (so that people have the fun of mating), makes new games start more smoothly, makes opening files from the commandline (or over HTTP) work better, and makes pgn-load errors more informative.

  •  25 Dec 2007 22:54

Release Notes: A GTK/threading problem was fixed. An error which occurred when the engines count shrunk was fixed. Logging was improved. The shortcut and accelerator keys were cleaned up. The side panel was made to hide properly in FICS games. Typos in some code were fixed. Distinction between manually and automatically accepted seeks was improved. The sound availability test was disabled, as it produced false positives. The load preview now shows the latest position initially. Parsing of SAN moves and PGNs was made faster. Engine path handling was improved. Gstreamer was made optional.

  •  21 Nov 2007 10:17

Release Notes: Auto-answer private chat messages. Auto-decline adjourn challenges. A fix for a race condition. The rating table should update after a game ends. In external engines, a CECP crash on undo has been fixed, and engines are retested every time PyChess starts. The built-in engine has better time control, minor speedups, and a fix for a bug in quiescent search depth check in the transposition table. This release makes the "Use Sound" check-button inoperative when gstreamer sees errors.


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