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PyCAM generates toolpaths (GCode) for CNC machines out of 3D STL model files or 2D gravure contour files (SVG or DXF). The output of PyCAM can be imported into EMC2 or other machine controllers to direct the milling machine. PyCAM features different path generation strategies, cutter shapes, and post-processing options.

Operating Systems

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  •  14 Jun 2011 05:00

Release Notes: This release implemented extrusion of 2D models and included many small fixes and improvements. Windows users will enjoy a more modern look in the GUI theme and Linux users will be happy about better integration into the desktop. Performance of the 3D preview was improved drastically.

  •  28 Mar 2011 15:35

Release Notes: This major release features support for single-line fonts, touch off and tool change handling, multi-layered 2D models, many visualization improvements, better DXF support, additional model transformations and many more new features.

  •  24 Oct 2010 20:27

Release Notes: This minor release fixes a problem of the Windows standalone executable on multi-core systems.

  •  19 Oct 2010 13:44

Release Notes: This major release features parallel processing (automatically using all CPU cores of your computer) and even distributed processing (connecting multiple hosts to a shared pool of worker processes). Additionally, a standalone executable for Windows is available (for which no dependencies are required). Climb and conventional milling styles are configurable. The new toolpath strategy "Contour->Follow" can calculate exact contours of a model. Automatically distributed support bridges keep your 3D model attached to the outer material. The path precision (G61/G64) for the GCode interpreter is configurable.

  •  16 Aug 2010 22:01

Release Notes: This major release features support for 2D contour models (in DXF or SVG format) combined with a new EngraveCutter strategy. Major improvements in the support grid specification and the command line interface were made. Numerous improvements in the GUI and the generated GCode as well as a pile of minor bugfixes were incorporated.

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07 Mar 2013 18:12 cliffcarusa

Installer is needed for Ubuntu; just like "Inkscape"; Can't it be made simple? Errors with Ubuntu 12.04.1 it doesn't work. ! ? Any help?

06 Mar 2010 15:07 Avatar davidgoadby Thumbs up

This looks useful and will save me a lot of time (and money) if it works well.


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