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PyC2LaTeX converts a given C, Java, or Think/Fractal adl or idl file into a LaTeX file that can be used for pretty-printing the code. It features line numbering, indentation, support for international characters, and syntax highlighting. The text in the output is otherwise unmodified. One of the main goals of this script is to provide LaTeX code that can be directly included in other LaTeX files to write software documentation.

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  •  08 Nov 2004 03:52

Release Notes: This version adds support for Think/Fractal ADL (architectural design language) files, features a mechanism to easily control output even without any LaTeX knowledge, fixes a bug concerning syntax highlighting, finishes the LaTeX documentation, includes ADL and Java examples, and fixes some flaws in the inline documentation.

  •  16 Aug 2004 20:31

Release Notes: Two files are now produced (preview and includable) instead of one. The produced code should now be more readable on systems that do not use "\n" as the line separator. Some minor bugs were fixed. Some warnings were fixed. The example files were changed a little to be more appropriate. The latex documentation and a more compelling example were started.

Release Notes: This release fixes an #include indentation bug and adds experimental support for Java source files. Filetypes are now automatically recognized (by reading their endings).

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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