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Release Notes: A toolbar search widget was added, the tooltips were made clearer, LaTeX .aux file parsing was improved, bugs related to Unicode search queries and BibTeX keys were fixed, and translations were updated.

Release Notes: The BibTeX parser has been improved (@preamble handling and better escaping of URLs). The user interface has better support for external resources. Some robustness fixes were made (autosave and better backup).

Release Notes: The release fixes the translation of the extra scripts and some parts of the interface, corrects the handling of command line arguments, improves the compatibility with GNOME 2.8, improves the Ovid parser, and introduces synthetic display fields.

Release Notes: This release fixes the ISI and Ovid parsers, fixes LyX citing on Python 2.2, adds a "pybtext" tool, fixes native editing of a new entry, improves documentation and translations, fixes history in Medline queries, adds support for annotations, fixes i18n support for dynamic windows, and fixes a bug related to empty cross-references.

Release Notes: The medline query interface has been greatly improved. An incremental search feature has been added. The user interface has been improved for small displays. The BibTeX and ISI modules have been slightly improved.

Release Notes: This version provides direct access to the medline database. It better interprets author names in the medline format. Accented characters are now filtered out of entry keys. It is now possible to generate bibliographies for APA publications. Selected keys can now be copy/pasted in a text editor. Miscellanous bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release uses GtkHTML when it is available to display the entries. Support for the ISI file format has been added. BibTeX analysis and saving has been improved. Robustness has been enhanced by saving files in a temporary buffer.


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A modern, portable, and lightweight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon.


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A falling blocks game with many different geometries.