Version 0.8.0 of pwgrep

Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

    Other releases

    •  27 Dec 2013 23:19

      Release Notes: This release adds a SNAPSHOTDIR config option to use a custom directory for database snapshots (e.g. every time a database is going to be manipulated, the previous version is stored to ~/.pwgrep.snapshots/). This helps one find old passwords in the case of any RCS merge conflicts in the central repository.

      •  04 Jul 2013 12:27

        Release Notes: A package was provided for Debian Wheezy. The Makefile now sets the version in There were bugfixes in the Makefile and initial man pages.

        •  08 Apr 2013 22:20

          Release Notes: This release includes minor code refactoring and an initial .deb package for Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze.

          •  24 Mar 2013 12:07

            Release Notes: This release changes the default versioning system from Subversion to git, stores all passwords in a Git repo, and adds some Git-specific tweaks. ~/.pwgreprc must be deleted before using this release. It will re-initialize after the first start.

            •  10 Mar 2013 15:31

              Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and minor code refactorings, adds initial README files, makes pwhelp also print out the version, and moves all the source to git.


              Project Spotlight


              A high performance document database.


              Project Spotlight


              A library for quick day-to-day C programming.