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PureLoad is a load testing tool that simulates thousands of users executing requests against server based applications. It can be used to verify that your application will meet the expected performance criteria. PureLoad reports quality and performance problems, as well as detailed statistics gathered during a load test. PureLoad also includes extensive support for easy recording and testing of Web-based applications. The HTTP Recorder ease the process of capturing HTTP and HTTPS requests into PureLoad scenarios. The Web Crawler is used to scan a static Web site for general errors, and it can also be used to generate PureLoad scenarios to be used in a load test.


Recent releases

  •  07 Nov 2002 21:30

    Release Notes: This release has major usability enhancements. The enhanced scenario editor offers the ability to execute the complete scenario definition from within the editor. Support for designing data driven tests has been enhanced, and now includes new data sources to read values from files, counters, dates, and more. The support for load testing of HTTP applications has also been extended with new features.

    •  15 May 2002 16:05

      Release Notes: PureLoad is now available in two editions. PureLoad Web that is aimed for load testing of Web applications, and includes the PureLoad HTTP Recorder and PureLoad Web Crawler tools. The PureLoad Enterprise edition extends the Web edition with abilities for testing any server-based application. It includes built-in support for testing of HTTP, NNTP, FTP, JDBC, JMS, mail, and more. The Web support has been greatly improved. Among many other features, it is now possible to record SSL requests, which eases the process of testing HTTPS applications.

      •  02 Nov 2001 15:49

        Release Notes: Lots of enhancements and new functions were added. The user documentation was completely rewritten.

        •  27 Mar 2001 08:50

          Release Notes: HTTP tasks have been restructured. A new HTTP task package is now included, with various internal modifications. These changes are backward compatible. A new HTTP recorder tool is now supported. There are two new HTTP tasks: the first is 'HttpPostFileTask' that uses HTTP multipart POST to upload a file to a server, the second is HttpHeaderTask, which allows setting of any HTTP headers. There is a Task API with worker attributes, and task subclasses can now set and get attributes per Worker.

          •  18 Dec 2000 15:22

            Release Notes: Mainly bugfixes but there are also some new features. A new HTTP task, called HttpCookieTask, was added to allow setting of a cookie from the client side. Some toolbar button states were corrected. URL query parameters and body parameters for POST requests are now separate in the recorder. SSL now works with self-signed certificates.

            Recent comments

            23 Oct 2000 11:32 yeager

            2.1 soon..
            Just want to tell you all that version 2.1 is in progress.
            There are MANY new features (which I can't tell you about at the moment).
            Hang in there, the release will be soon.



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