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Pure FTP Server is a fast, production quality, standards-conformant FTP server based on Troll-FTPd. It has no known vulnerability, it is trivial to set up, and it is especially designed for modern kernels. Features include PAM support, IPv6, chroot()ed home directories, virtual domains, built-in 'ls', FXP protocol, anti-warez system, bandwidth throttling, restricted ports for passive downloads, an LDAP backend, XML output, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Dec 2011 06:05

    Release Notes: An old-standing bug has been fixed: when a file was renamed and overwrote an existing file, the quota wasn’t properly updated.

    •  15 Mar 2010 16:00

      Release Notes: A regression causing corrupted downloads of large files on some 32-bit architectures has been fixed, as well as an error on exit on Linux. In addition, downloads should be slightly faster.

      •  03 Dec 2009 11:42

        Release Notes: IPv6 support is back.

        •  16 Nov 2009 10:41

          Release Notes: The FTP server can now be built as a library for iPhone and iPod Touch in order to be embedded into applications. Downloads now require less CPU and less memory. Incompatibilities with Cyberduck were fixed. Directory listings and transfers when TLS is enabled now experience less latency. Packaging procedures were simplified.

          •  24 Oct 2009 14:44

            Release Notes: This release fixes compilation with GCC 2 and avoids anonymous LDAP binding (when no password is supplied) with the new LDAP bind authentication mode.

            Recent comments

            19 Jul 2006 15:28 goldstar

            Hi there,

            I hope this is the right place for this. I am running a dedicated server and using cPanel. When I ftp in it tells me that the ftp server is the following in the welcome header:

            Pure-FTPd (TLS)

            Is this the same software?

            If yes then I need to know a few things if possible.
            1. It is currently not using a database and if so then I have no clue where.
            2. Can I convert it to use a mysql database?
            3. Can I run more than one version of the software if you can not convert it?
            4. In either example above if it uses a databse for user access, I can create and delete users right from the sql database instead of the files that stores user info??

            Thanks for all help.
            Shawn Mulligan

            P.S. I am looking for a way to dynamically create ftp user accounts and I know how to write php and work with sql databses.

            13 Feb 2006 13:00 sigra

            Re: duh

            > Sounds like a good project. However,

            > "bounded" is not an english

            > word... :-)

            Try this:


            (or just leo:bounded in Konqueror)

            it means "begrenzt" or "beschränkt".

            05 Mar 2004 21:39 agrundma

            pure-ftpd: best thing since sliced bread
            The ability to write a custom auth handler is great!! I was able to use a custom handler that talks to my web site API to let users of my website have FTP logins.

            Not to mention all the other great features: mysql auth, chroot all but a certain group (admins), bandwidth management, and so on. I think anything you would need in an FTP server you get with pure :)

            18 Jan 2004 09:37 efinley

            Small change needed in ftpd.h
            #define MAX_USER_LENGTH 32U

            needs to be changed to

            #define MAX_USER_LENGTH 64U

            I use pure-ftp for hosting virtual domains, some with very long domain names, so the user actually looks like which is longer than 32 characters.

            If this is the wrong place to request this change, please point me in the right direction - thanks.


            05 Jan 2004 19:21 mayvien

            Re: which package to get

            I am new to linux and need to install a ftp server to a current linux advance server. I downloaded kcmpureftpd-,rpm, oure-ftpd-1.0.14a.tar.bz2, pure-ftpd-1.0.14a.tar.gz.

            I tried to install using the rpm package but it says missing lib files. Any idea which one i am suppose to download and what command should i use to install?

            thank you so much.


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