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  •  30 Oct 2007 10:46

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  27 May 2007 19:28

Release Notes: padsp has support for SNDCTL_DSP_SETTRIGGER, SNDCTL_DSP_SETDUPLEX, and SNDCTL_DSP_GETOPTR. A new ".ifexists" directive has been added to the CLI language for conditional configuration based on file existence. FLOAT32RE sample type support has been added. There are other bugfixes, cleanups, and portability fixes.

  •  27 Aug 2006 03:15

Release Notes: module-hal-detect was added, which is a module that detects all local sound hardware using HAL and loads the necessary modules. Hot-plug and hot-removal of audio devices is handled. A shared memory transfer method for local clients was added. module-volume-restore was updated to automatically restore the output device last used by an application in addition to the volume it last used. A new module, module-rescue-streams, was added for automatically moving streams to another sink/source if the sink/source to which they are connected dies. Support for moving streams "hot" between sinks/sources was added.

  •  24 Jul 2006 12:52

Release Notes: This release fixes broken time event handling in the GLIB event loop adapter, halves memory consumption, makes PulseAudio even more lightweight, and fixes pkg-config files for AMD64.

  •  21 Jul 2006 01:40

Release Notes: Support for running the PulseAudio daemon as a system-wide instance was added. Authentication by IP address range ACL was added. FreeBSD compatibility was updated. Support was added for setting resource limits on platforms that support them. The loopback= argument for module-*-protocol-tcp was removed. The GLIB 1.2 event loop adapter was removed. The GLIB 2.0 event loop adapter was reworked to act as a single GSource. An API to check whether a source/sink is hardware or virtual was added. A warning about SIGPIPE in client apps was removed. Latency calculation of NULL sink was improved. Zeroconf code was ported from the HOWL API to the native Avahi API.

  •  08 Jul 2006 14:15

Release Notes: The project was renamed to PulseAudio. The maximum number of concurrent connections was increased. Latency interpolation was fixed. Support for reverse endian sound cards was added. Support for recording in padsp was added. The CPU load limiter was reenabled. Other bugfixes were made.

  •  02 Jun 2006 13:28

Release Notes: This release will load modules even when libtool .la files are missing. It generates better ALSA device names from module-detect. If an ALSA device doesn't support the requested number of channels or the frequency, it accepts what ALSA suggests instead. AMD-64 portability. The .sh suffix of has been dropped. Build system fixes. No API or ABI changes were made.

  •  26 May 2006 16:50

Release Notes: There is a new module module-volume-restore, and a new OSS API emulation tool padsp. This release requires valid UTF-8 strings everywhere, properly supports ALSA channel maps for surround sound, increases the maximum number of channels per stream to 32, adds a new threaded main loop API for synchronous programs, introduces real shared object versioning, has a few API additions, and has many bugfixes.

  •  28 Apr 2006 06:20

Release Notes: This release adds support for specifying the channel map on the commandlines of paplay and pacat and as arguments to the driver modules, ALSA hardware mixer compatibility, a fix for shared object linking, proper removal of PF_UNIX sockets when unloading protocol modules, and a fix for the sample cache.

  •  20 Apr 2006 06:33

Release Notes: A new playback model is used. The program was ported to Win32 and Solaris. Inner loops were moved to liboil. iNew features include support for channel maps to support surround sound, hardware volume control, authentication via UNIX groups, a "module-detect" tool for detecting the local sound hardware automatically, modules for radio-like multicast broadcasting in the LAN via RTP/SDP/SAP, JACK connectivity, Zeroconf support, a LIRC module, support for volume changing with multimedia keyboards, and asynchronous hostname resolving.


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