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Release Notes: This version adds per user memoserv options, the ability to forward memos to an email address, and a module which allows the user to export and synchronize nickserv users with a Joomla CMS database. Some major bugs were also fixed.

Release Notes: This version adds a user event system that allows you to configure different actions to be executed during specific events (e.g. user connection and channel join). The forbid options were replaced with suspensions. Support has been added for "ALL" on CS ROLE DEL and CS AKICK DEL, and a new option has been added that sets services to use messages instead of notices.

Release Notes: This version replaces the hostrule session handling scheme with specific modules for session and exceptions management. Autojoin list order by creation time was introduced, and the path options for configure were improved.

Release Notes: This version adds half-op support and an option to set the default language. Last logins info is now kept for a configured amount of time. The nickserv autojoin set was replaced with chanserv ajoin add/del/list, and the nick registration form on the Web interface was finished.

Release Notes: All the configuration was moved from the plain text files to the MySQL database. The BotServ (bot creation) service was introduced. An option for services admins to set vhosts on nicks was added. The nickserv groups were extended with membership expiration. Minor bugfixes were also applied.

Release Notes: This version extends tables with foreign keys to enforce data integrity, adds a default mlock option, and extends groups with server restrictions and auto usermodes. The mlock now supports +f,+l, and +k modes. Some other minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This version adds mlock and secureops options to chanserv, improves nickserv with password and security code recovery commands, and adds a password expiring option. A channel list page was added to the Web interface, and several bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This version adds the akick module, chanserv topiclock option, and an example script to email users expiring soon. It also fixes some minor bugs.

Release Notes: This version replaces the global memos counter with a per nick counter, adds a nick protection option and a login command to nickserv, role acceptance on chanserv, and raw, mode, and kick commands to operserv.

Release Notes: This release was written from scratch with some major new features including modules, full MySQL db, channel roles, nick groups, host rules, and the nick security code system.


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