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pthrlib is a comprehensive library and toolkit allowing programmers to easily and quickly write small, fast, HTTP/1.1-compliant Web servers in C. It includes examples, full manual pages documenting every function, and a production quality micro-webserver called rws.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2003 02:02

    Release Notes: pthrlib was ported to Solaris and *BSD, and now works correctly with gcc 3.2.

    •  18 Nov 2002 12:01

      Release Notes: This release adds MSP files, patches to enable chunked encoding, fixes to compile on RedHat 7.3, and support for DBI_TIMESTAMP, DBI_INTERVAL, DBI_INT_OR_NULL, DBI_CHAR, and DBI_BOOL in the DBI library. There is better handling of NULLs in the DBI library, along with debugging. There have also been a number of enhancements to the rws micro-webserver.

      •  07 Sep 2002 17:33

        Release Notes: Binary and source RPMs are available for pthrlib and the rws micro-webserver, and some documentation updates were made.

        •  31 Aug 2002 20:11

          Release Notes: Major documentation improvements--a comprehensive tutorial has been added.

          •  21 Aug 2002 15:11

            Release Notes: pthr_server_main_loop has been rewritten and enhanced to make it much simpler to create your own pthrlib-based servers. "rws" (the pthrlib-based Web server) now supports tiny fast CGI scripts written in C which are dynamically linked into the main Web server.


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