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psDooM is a process monitor and manager for *nix systems. It could be considered a graphical interface to the 'ps', 'renice', and 'kill' commands. psDooM is based on XDoom, which is based on id Software's 'Doom'.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2000 22:05

    Release Notes: Changes to the location of configuration and savegame files, references to psDooM in startup text and window title bar, and modifications to xdlaunch to run ps-xdoom and to accept additional command line flags for psDooM.

    •  31 May 2000 20:25

      Release Notes: Preliminary support was added for Solaris' version of 'ps'. A command line flag was added that allows PID monsters to be damaged by things other than the player.

      •  04 May 2000 11:13

        Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; a fix for a demo playing sync problem, many new command line flags, use of a newer release of XDoom as the codebase, more documentation, and a new distribution format.


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