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  •  01 Jun 2004 03:34

Release Notes: The module grew into a fully-fledged Perl module and is now available from CPAN. This will allow for more flexible ways to generate content, and made the installation procedure more streamlined.

  •  23 Mar 2004 17:18

Release Notes: This release introduces the use of a configuration file to store default parameter values. The installation is made easier by means of a Makefile. The output now uses the ISO-8859-15 (Latin9) encoding as a replacement to Latin1. There are some minor improvements such as more sensible default values.

  •  24 Feb 2004 08:15

Release Notes: This release introduces the possibility to print color icons instead of grayscale ones. Also, CD titles that are too long to fit within the page width are now scaled down.

  •  12 Feb 2004 06:27

Release Notes: A new --mp3 switch makes the program read the ID3 tag from MP3 files and print the title of the songs instead of the filenames.

  •  05 Feb 2004 03:44

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to print separating lines between columns, adds the ability to set a minimum width for the right-most column, and prints one of the side titles upside down, to always read correctly, whichever way the CD case is on a shelf.

  •  04 Feb 2004 03:00

Release Notes: This release corrects a problem that occurred when running with an older version of Perl's File::Find (the program would not recurse through directories but stay at the top).

  •  02 Feb 2004 16:04

Release Notes: There is a new --all switch to force printing of all pages, including the back cover, even when empty.

  •  02 Feb 2004 08:48

Release Notes: Setting the --columns switch to 0 now makes the column widths automatic. This means that each column is just wide enough for the longest filename to fit within it, but not wider.

  •  30 Jan 2004 03:48

Release Notes: The number of columns per page can now be changed to something other than the default 2.

  •  29 Jan 2004 16:04

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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