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  •  15 Mar 2009 08:36

    Release Notes: pidfile and Darwin 9 support were added.

    •  25 Dec 2008 19:02

    Release Notes: This release corrects some small bugs and has been changed to work on OS X Leopard.

    •  10 Mar 2006 12:21

    Release Notes: Some minimal Cygwin support was added, and support for other operating systems (NetBSD, OpenBSD, and OS X) was corrected. For security, there is aa --path option to limit the path used in running commands. Some bugs were fixed and the code was modernized a little.

    •  18 May 2005 03:53

    Release Notes: A number of small changes suggested by users were made.

    •  18 Jan 2004 06:24

    Release Notes: A feature was added to allow one to accumulate information over all processes via user-specified Perl code and to take action on that. The ps-variable order in GNU/Linux was changed to ensure that single-token attributes don't get messed up by multiple-token attributes.

    •  22 Nov 2003 14:34

    Release Notes: "occurs=first-trigger" was added to stop after the first trigger match rather than the first pattern match.

    •  10 Sep 2003 20:34

    Release Notes: Small bug fixes, feature enhancements, and documentation fixes were made.

    •  31 Aug 2003 18:13

    Release Notes: File Log output now contains the timestamp, program, and pid. The voluminous error message concerning processes that have disappeared now only appears at non-zero debug levels.

    •  11 Jul 2003 00:41

    Release Notes: In this version, a provision was added for ps's which return multiple lines of output. (Solaris does this for its LWP processes). This should now build in a read-only source tree. Sample files (formerly only in CVS) are now part of distribution.

    •  19 May 2003 10:22

    Release Notes: This release adds AIX support and accepts Darwin 6. A historical revision to the README was made, as IniConf is now called Config::IniFiles.


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