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17 Sep 2005 12:21 dunamin

So Simple
This project is so simple! It has so many potential uses:

-It can remap a port number (eg ssh on port 80)

-It can allow services bound to localhost to be accessed by eth0.

This is what OpenSource is all about. Good job!

17 Jul 1999 00:11 ptolemy

Did you do 1.1 or 2.0?
I just submitted an announcement for 2.0. Check it out, since the author claims that it's a complete rewrite.

16 Jul 1999 14:06 macperson

Some problems with proxy
For some reason, proxy can't be compiled under mkLinux unless you hack the code a bit. You have to add the line typedef long socklen_t; to np.h before it will work.

Also, for some reason, under mk, proxy will not successfully clone itself after it finishes a connection, resulting in a zombie copy as well as a non functioning original.


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